Screlec, French compliance scheme for batteries and accumulators

Who is Screlec?

Screlec is a non-profit compliance scheme approved by the government and in charge of collecting and recycling waste batteries in France.

For more than 15 years, Screlec has been building a responsible and optimized organization to answer to your technical, operational, regulatory and ecological challenges.

Our collection and recycling activities are exclusively financed by our members who are batteries and accumulators’ producers.

Our commitment is to optimize our activities while guaranteeing a quality service to our members.


Key figures

  • 800 members (from the multinational company to smaller one)
  • 30 000 collection points
  • more than 5 000 tonnes of batteries and accumulators have been collected in 2018
  • more than 95% of the batteries and accumulators collected by Screlec are recycled in France


Screlec helps you with French regulations

The European battery directive has been transposed into national law in the EU member states. This national regulation allows producers and distributors to fulfil their obligations by joining a collective scheme embodied by Screlec.

The producer and distributor’s obligations can be:

  • The collection and the treatment of a certain national quota of batteries related to the average volumes put on market
  • The proper treatment of the collected batteries and the achievement of certain national recycling targets for treated batteries
  • Financing the collection and recycling of its own batteries
  • The registration in national registers for batteries

Screlec’s membership both allows you to fulfil your obligations and access to a customized service :

  • Compliance with the legislation in the framework of an economic solution mastered by the third-parties.
  • Helping you with your declaration. This declaration has to be done once a year.
  • Supporting your company through communication’s actions
  • Registration and declaration with the French Environment and Energy Management Agency


To join Screlec

Contact us by mail or download the contract. Fill in, sign the contract, and send the 2 original copies to :

Screlec – Service adhérents
52 boulevard du Montparnasse
75015 Paris

As soon as the contract has been received, the member’s profile is created. Then, the countersigned contract is mailed to you by regular post and your access to Screlec website is provided by e-mail.

If you (or your customer) want to become a collection point in France, please discover our offer Batribox.

For more information, please contact :

Emmanuel Delamort, Producers Service

 0033 (0) 1 44 10 82 98